Training is a very important requirement of just about any job or task. Our trainers are experts in their field and enjoy delivering real-world knowledge and skills to each trainee. To help ease our clients’ burdens, we offer training when and where they need it. We customize our training focus to ensure trainees are learning not only what is required, but also how it is applicable to them while doing their job.

The training services we provide are:

engineer teaching apprentice to use milling machine

OSHA/MSHA Training

OSHA and MSHA both require employers to provide training to workers who face hazards on the job. Additionally, ANSI/ASSP, NIOSH, and NFPA training requirements are essential elements of a healthy safety program.

Waist up portrait of two modern factory workers wearing hardhats discussing production over clipboard outdoors, copy space

PEC Safety Training

Over 25 years ago, PEC partnered with industry to pioneer standardized safety training. Our commitment to quality and our mission to help bring workers home safe have made us the global leader in standardized training.

First aid training

First Aid, CPR & More

Our authorized instructors offer a range of courses in first aid, CPR, AED, and basic and advanced life support training for the community, the workplace, healthcare providers, and EMS professionals.

firefighter training., fireman using water and extinguisher to fighting with fire flame in an emergency situation., under danger situation all firemen wearing fire fighter suit for safety.

Emergency Response Training

Training your emergency response team is a priority. Let our skilled responders train and challenge your team to be great! Our goal is your teams mastery of their technical rescue skill to ensure a timely and effective rescue when it is needed.

Taking Safety

To New Heights

Need a little help ensuring your safety and health program is what you need to be safe and successful? Call us anytime. We truly enjoy helping you safely achieve your goals!