Does your facility or project have a need for a site safety technician? Will you need trained and capable hole watches or fire watches? Many of our clients need these additional trained personnel for the duration of a project. That is where Inter-Mountain Safety & Rescue can help!

We have the personnel you need to safely complete the job. Our team of personnel understand that they are supporting you and will make you proud.

Some of the staffing positions most commonly sought include:

  • Project Safety Managers
  • Site Safety Technicians
  • Permit Writers
  • Trained Hole Watches
  • Trained Fire Watches
  • Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Confined Space Safety Teams
  • High-Angle Rope Safety Teams

At Inter-Mountain Safety & Rescue we build strong, collaborative relationships with our clients.

Our goal is to become an integral part of your team, allowing us to create the greatest scenario for success. Our experienced personnel  will compliment your organization’s needs and help you complete your projects safe and efficiently.

Taking Safety

To New Heights

Need a little help ensuring your safety and health program is what you need to be safe and successful? Call us anytime. We truly enjoy helping you safely achieve your goals!