Does your facility or project involve entry into a confined space or protection from a fall hazard? Having a fall arrest system is only half of the equation.

What if one of your employees fell from height and was injured or unconscious? What if one of your confined space entrants has a heart attack? Are you capable and ready to perform a safe and timely rescue of these workers?

A core service of Inter-Mountain Safety & Rescue is providing on-site standby rescue teams for confined space and high-angle rope rescue. Our rescue teams travel nationwide caring for our client’s needs. Our team members are highly trained rescue technicians. They have a tremendous amount of field experience handling real-world rescue situations. Many are certified firefighters, EMT’s or Paramedics. They train continuously to enhance their skills and abilities.

Our rescue teams are trained to assess every job individually and design the most efficient and effective rescue plan for each. The equipment we use is second to none and our rescue teams are ingenuitive and adaptive.

Our services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • High-Angle Rope Rescue Teams
  • Rescue Team Training
  • Air Monitoring Equipment
  • Trained Hole Watches
  • Trained Fire Watches
  • Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Safety and Rescue Equipment
  • Supplied Air Equipment
  • FIT Testing (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Taking Safety

To New Heights

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